Installation Contractors

The Beast Cabling System CIS is designed to improve profits. This is accomplished by controlling the two major cost components of every installation job—labor and materials. This CIS also enables you to consistently deliver a quality job that meets even the most stringent specs for cable installation.

Labor savings
By organizing the process of setting up for the pull, labeling cable, pulling cable, and then organizing cable for the back-pull into the telecommunications room (TR), the Beast helps your crews work more efficiently and increases your profits. (learn more)

Material savings
The Beast allows an installation crew to accurately measure the cable being pulled. This means no more run-outs in the middle of a pull and no need to pull out more cable than needed for the back-pull to the TRs. The result is less waste and big savings for you. (learn more)

Quality workmanship
The Beast supports your customer’s needs both now and in the future. The ability to identify, separate, and maintain separation of cable runs from the TR to the drops make all future MAC(s) faster and easier to perform. (learn more)