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BCS Training

Beast Cabling Systems provides one day of comprehensive training, at a customer designated location within the continental US, with each Beast CIS purchased. The BCS trainers are not only proficient and experienced in the Beast CIS but also represent decades of structured cable installation experience. They bring to the training session knowledge of installation best practices that is second to none and the ability to convey this experience, along with the Beast CIS operational knowledge, to multiple teams of technicians during the training day.

Content included in Beast Cabling CIS training include:

  • Transporting Beast CIS equipment, how to load in and out of vehicles

  • Setting up the Beast CIS

  • Demonstrating different configurations including 1K’ and 3K’ reels and boxes

  • Demonstrating the process for loading the labeling tape on the tape holder and then the tape holder on the Beast CIS

  • Demonstrating the labeling system

  • Demonstrating the use and placement of the cable meters

  • Demonstrating the function of wheel locks and fixed positioning of the Beast III CIS

  • Demonstrating procedures for equipment preparation before transporting back to a storage location

  • Demonstrate the use of the Claw Anti-twist and Tensile Pressure Equalizer

  • Demonstrating the functionality and time saving attributes of the WireWolf Pathway Guide and Patch Panel Organizer for protecting, sorting, and terminating cables.

  • Explaining different ways to secure and store the equipment when not in use

  • Demonstrating “best practices” enabled by Beast CIS