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Beast I Cable Management and Labeling System™


The Beast I Cable Installation System separates, organizes, and labels all types of structured cable off the reel. This size is ideally used on new commercial construction projects that often have multiple cables or types of wire serving each station. Also, projects that move cable from rack to rack or data center installations are most efficiently completed using a Beast I.


- Provides support for the cable reels or boxes
- Eliminates cable kinks
- Reduces pull tensions on each cable
- Allows for easy deployment of cable off the spool and into the ceiling
- Allows for an organized and systematic method for doing the rough-in labeling
- Supports 48000 ft of cable at one time
- Organizes and pulls up to 48 individual cables at one time

The Beast I is part of the overall system that includes The WireWolf Pathway Guide and Patch Panel Organizer™ and the Claw Anti-Twist and Tensile Pressure Equalizer™.


- Capable of supporting up to 48 standard* sized reels
- Continuously deploys colored labeling tape to create 48 rough-in labels at a time
- Equipped with 4 – 4”, 6 – 8” and 6 -adjustable blocks ( adjust 14”-20”), 8 – 64” axels and 6 linear meters
- Manufactured out of rugged aluminum with baked-on two-tone enamel finish making it virtually indestructible
- Completely self contained, requires no tools for setup.
- Is easily set up and ready to use by 2 employees in less than 15 minutes

Transport Dimensions:

Minimum Operational Dimensions 10” D X 52.25” W X 56.5” H 56” L X 52.25” W X 41.5” H (deployed at one-half footprint)

Operational Dimensions:

99” L X 52.25” X 41.5” H Interior Dimensions (Between Rails) 47.25”


6061T6 Aluminum