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Beast I - Labels Ready

Beast I - Loaded with Boxes

Beast I - 24 Reels Loaded


Beast I - Head Label Applied - Tail Label Waiting

Beast II - Limited Space Configuration

Beast III - Loaded with Boxes


Beast III - with Capacity Expander Drone

Beast's Cable Guide

Beast's Tape Dispensing Apparatus


BIII - Loaded with 12 1K Foot Reels

BIII - Loaded with 8 3K Foot Reels

Claw - Attaching the Cable


Claw - Loaded with 2 Quads

Claw - Looping the lead String

Claw - On its way through the path


WireWolf - Cables Sorted by Patch Panel Location

WireWolf - Marking the Sorting Board

WireWolf with Cables ready for Backfeed into TR