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Claw Anti-Twist and Tensile Pressure Equalizer™


Traditionally, bundles of cable are wrapped with tape so that the lead string pulls only on the four or five outer cables when pulling the entire bundle. As a result, both the lead string and cables get twisted while excessive tensile strength is applied to those outer cables that carry the weight of the bundle. The outcome can be reduced cable pathway capacity as well as kinks and jacket burns, leading to cables that won’t test properly and need replacement.

As with all solutions from Beast Cabling Systems, the Claw improves both the process of pulling cable and the overall quality of the installation. The lead string is tied to the hole on one end of the Claw. Cables are then attached to one of the numbered slots on the comb at the opposite end of the Claw. Now each cable receives equal tension and the pull and twisting of cables in the pathway is eliminated.

The Claw Anti-Twist and Tensile Pressure Equalizer virtually eliminates the common problems of twisted cable, damaged cable, and broken lead strings during cable pulling. A critical component of the Beast Cabling System, the Claw transfers the cable organization set by the Beast Cable Management and Labeling System over the guiding arms of the WireWolf into the pathways creating an organized, flexible and durable communication infrastructure.


- Allows for pulling of cable through a pathway without twisting
- Saves labor
  - less set-up time for each pull
  - pull easier and faster
  - spend less time identifying cables
  - less time replacing and rerunning lead string
  - 3D design enables smooth travel across most ceiling obstacles, moves easily through cable tray
- Simple and fast drag-line attachment
- Unique design not only eliminates twisting of cable bundle but also “spiraling” of drag-line within cable bundle
- Patented finger design allows for tensile pressure being evenly distributed to all cables during cable pull eliminating the problem of stressed cables
- Lightweight, durable and portable


13.65” L X 5.10” W


High Impact Polycarbonate