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Beast I Cable Management and Labeling System™


The Beast I is the largest of our Cable Management and Labeling Systems. It is ideally suited for use on data center installations and other larger projects that have multiple cables or types of cables serving each station. Its flexible design and huge capacity makes the Beast I the favorite of the most experienced installers.

Key Benefits & Functions

  • Self Contained Design for Easy Transport to Job Site

  • Quick, Secure and Flexible Job Set-Up

  • Supports Boxes and 1k – 3k Ft Spools

  • Scalable Capacity up to 48,000 Ft

  • Guide hole design separates cables and keeps kinks out of pathways

  • Extra Hand™ Cable Holder Maintains Order

  • Labeling Work Station Provides Fast, Accurate, and Neat Labeling

  • Waist High Ergonomic Design Reduces Technician Fatigue

  • Built-in Metering Design Slashes Waste

The Beast I is part of the overall Beast Cabling System CIS that includes The WireWolf Pathway Guide and Patch Panel Organizer™ and the Claw Anti-Twist and Tensile Pressure Equalizer™.


  •  Capable of supporting up to 48 typical sized 1,000’ reels/16 typical sized 3,000’ reels

  • Continuously deploys colored labeling tape to create 48 rough-in labels at a time

  • Equipped with 8– 4”, 6– 8” and 4- adjustable stanchions (adjusts 14”-20”), 9– 64” axels and 8 linear meters

  • Manufactured out of rugged aluminum making it virtually indestructible

  • Completely self contained, requires no tools for setup

  • Two dual wheel assemblies allows units to be rolled into place by 1 worker

  • Easily transportable in any standard cargo van or pick-up truck


99" L X 52.25" W X 41.5" H (fully extended)
56" L X 52.25" W X 41.5" H (short extension)
10" D X 52.25" W X 56.5" H (transport ready)