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Beast III Cable Management and Labeling System™


The Beast III is our portable Cable Management and Labeling Systems and has all the same functions and benefits as the Beast I and Beast II. Its portable design makes it ideal for MACs and for installations where there are numerous Telco Rooms within the facility such as: stadium complexes, hospitals, universities and other campus environments.

Key Benefits & Functions

  • Self Contained Design for Easy Transport to Job Site

  • Quick, Secure and Flexible Job Set-Up

  • System is mobile even when loaded with cable

  • Supports Boxes and 1k – 3k Ft Spools

  • Scalable Cable Capacity up to 24,000 Ft

  • Guide hole design separates cables and keeps kinks out of pathways

  • Extra Hand™ Cable Holder Maintains Order

  • Labeling Work Station Provides Fast, Accurate, and Neat Labeling

  • Waist High Ergonomic Design Reduces Technician Fatigue

  • Built-in Metering Design Slashes Waste

The Beast III is part of the overall Beast Cabling System CIS that includes The WireWolf Pathway Guide and Patch Panel Organizer™ and the Claw Anti-Twist and Tensile Pressure Equalizer™.


  • Capable of supporting up to 12 typical sized 1,000’ reels/8 typical sized 3,000’ reels

  • Includes rack conversion kit for supporting 12- 1000’ Boxes

  • Continuously deploys colored labeling tape to create 24 rough-in labels at a time

  • Includes 3 upright support stanchions and 4- linear meters.

  • Manufactured out of rugged aluminum making it virtually indestructible

  • Can fit though standard doorways even when loaded w/cable

  • Completely self contained and requires no tools for setup

  • Easily transportable in any standard cargo van or pick-up truck


60.0” D X 31.0” W X 61.0” H” (Operating)
60.0” D X 31.0” W X 26.0” H” (Transport Ready)