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Claw Anti-Twist and Tensile Pressure Equalizer™


The claw is a critical component of the Beast CIS. It maintains the cable organization established by the Beast Cable Management and Labeling unit while virtually eliminating the common problem and negative side-effects of cable spiraling throughout the pathway. It is ideally used in cable tray environments where it can deliver its greatest value to the installed cable infrastructure.

Key Benefits & Functions
  • Simple and fast lead string attachment

  • Easy to load and re-load to keep job moving

  • Patented finger design evenly distributes tensile pressure to each cable during pull reducing opportunities for cable to be damaged during pull

  • Virtually eliminates cable spiraling in the pathway

  • Eliminates the practice of pulling cable through cable and the associated cable damage caused by such practice

  • Eliminates the need to rerun/clean pull string

  • Maintains cable separation in cable pathway for easy identification and removal of abandoned cables in the future

  • Easily handles today’s 10Gig products and allows for superior management of alien cross talk issues

The Claw is part of the overall Beast Cabling System CIS that includes Beast Cable Management and Labeling System™ and The WireWolf Pathway Guide and Patch Panel Organizer™.


  • 3-D nose design allows for smooth travel through cable pathway

  • Used in cable tray and open space

  • Made of High Impact Polycarbonate for durability. It will never break or wear-out during normal use.

  • Specially engineered triangle shape virtually eliminates spiraling during pull

  • Lightweight design makes it easily portable