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Speed Sorter Patch Panel Organizer™


The Speed Sorter Patch Panel Organizer™ component of the Beast CIS is a labor saving tool that eliminates the need for sorting cables when the technician begins to dress the cables into the racks in the Telecommunications Room. The sorting board features a dry-erase writing surface, and cable sorting locations for each patch panel. Mounted on foldable legs, the unit is lightweight, durable and easily sets up anywhere cables are entering the pathway.

Key Benefits & Functions

  • Eliminates the tedious and labor wasting task of cable sorting once the pulling process has been completed.

  • Maintains separation of cable for continued organization and management until back-fed into telco room

  • Technicians are able to immediately sort cable by patch panel location – regardless of what order the cables are being pulled – eliminating the need for any further sorting or toning of cable

  • Convenient & versatile planning board provides ability to plan, schedule, record, and confirm job progress

The Speed Sorter Patch Panel Organizer™ is part of the overall Beast Cabling System CIS that includes the Beast Cable Management and Labeling System™ and the Claw Anti-Twist and Tensile Pressure Equalizer™.


  • Adjustable folding legs enables use in any location where the cable in entering the pathway.

  • Sorting Board for separating up to 32 groups of 12 cables for a total of 384 cables

  • 33” x 24” 3/8” thick scratch resistant Lexan® Sorting Board surface for “write on/wipe off” of cable/termination designations

  • Easily transportable behind the seat of any standard cargo van or pick-up truck

  • Dimensions:
    66" H X 24.0" W X 5" D (working)
     43.5" H X 24.0" W X 5" D (transport ready)