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The Beast Cabling Installation System

Cable Installation Systems enable consistent, efficient installations from every crew on every job. At the same time, it helps the contractor save on materials and labor while handling today’s higher-bandwidth cables according to manufacturer’s specs.

The Beast Cabling System is a Cable Installation System that creates organization and consistency to the rough-in cable installation process. This portable system separates, organizes, meters, and labels all types of structured cable off the reel or out of the box. The System enables pulling up to 48 cables from individual reels and boxes into cable pathways, conserving time and materials, reducing errors, and ensuring uniform installation practices for any crew on any job.

The Beast Cabling System is comprised of a

- Beast Cable Management and Labeling System
- WireWolf Pathway Guide and Patch Panel Organizer
- Claw Anti-Twist and Tensile Pressure Equalizer