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Evolving methods for tomorrow’s technology
“We know the value of a professional installation,” Balch explains, “because we know the issues caused by poor installation practices.”

Cabling Installation & Maintenance September, 2006


Important Cable Installation Issues


CIS Benefits to the End Users/IT Managers

Your network cabling infrastructure provides the links for all data transmission, security systems, building controls, and communication for your organization. Uptime, durability, and reliability of this critical asset are paramount to your business success. With 70 percent of costly network downtime attributed to physical layer problems, more consideration must be given to ensuring proper cabling installation. When your cabling infrastructure is installed using a Cabling Installation System, you’ll get the following benefits:

• Maximum installed performance and longer life expectancy
• Installation standards met or exceeded
• Accurate labeling and documentation
• Flexibility for easier moves, adds, and changes
• Installation completed faster and within budget
• Cable in pathways easier to access or remove
• Environmental “green” compliance through reduced waste

These benefits can be obtained by simply insisting that installers use the most current Cabling Installation Systems available on the market today. You have too much at stake to settle for anything less. Call us today at 800.633.3114 to learn about leading network cabling installers using CIS and how your business can benefit