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IBEW Local uses training and CIS to establish market positioning

“As I have stated in many of my classes, “The hardest part of the job is correctly installing the right cable to the proper spot for termination.”

KiloGram, October 2006


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CIS Benefits to Trainers and Training Centers

Most trainers consistently update their curriculum to ensure students are receiving the latest training technologies and methods. Cabling Installation Systems provide the opportunity for trainers and training centers to:

- Provide up-to-date and in-demand curriculum
- Offer enhanced value to both students and their employers
- Train in the practice of standards compliance not just the theory
- Be recognized within the industry for delivering cutting-edge content
- Prepare students to handle and install 10 Gig networks

New Cabling Installation Systems are being developed to improve the craft of structured cabling installation. As trainers, you want to turn out the best technicians in the industry. Call us today at 800.633.3114 to find out how you can bring the benefits of a Beast Cabling Systems CIS to your training facility.